12-13 November 2020 | 12PM

ePIXfab in collaboration with PIX4life is organizing the 2nd edition of an intensive short course on Silicon Nitride Integrated Photonics. This is two half-day online course, which will take place on 12-13 November 2020.

22 June 2020 | 15PM

In this webinar, six panelists will give their view on the future of MPW-service for integrated photonics and will join in a panel discussion moderated by Kevin Williams (JePPIX) and Roel Baets (ePIXfab).

22 June 2020 | 13PM

Give a boost to your unique PIC ideas

  • Attend the design trainings offered by 5 top design software companies
  • This training session is organized by ePIXfab through the support of European Conference On Integrated Optics
15-19 June 2020 | 12PM

Geared towards industrial and academic participants, ePIXfab silicon photonics schools go all the way from fundamentals to the latest developments in the science and technology of silicon PIC design, fabrication, assembly and testing for ever-growing applications of silicon photonics.

28 May 2020 | 13PM

Companies are harvesting at an accelerated pace from the tremendous technological maturity demonstrated by silicon photonic technology. Mass manufactured silicon photonics products developed at low-cost using CMOS process toolsets are hitting market sectors such as optical communication, Lidar, sensing and medical. Silicon photonics is a young technology which is evolving at an incredible pace. Hence, there is a continuous requirement to educate, train and update the industrial workforce – R&D staff and management – about the latest developments in this dynamic field. China-Europe International Silicon Photonics Symposium and Course brings along industrial and academic technology leaders from the leading eco-systems in the world to bring a full spectrum of perspective about silicon photonics technology and its applications. The symposium will focus on perspectives with respect to the potential of silicon photonics in various application domains. The course will focus on deeper understanding of the technological and device concepts as well as on the scientific state of the art in this field.