In this webinar, six panelists will give their view on the future of MPW-service for integrated photonics and will join in a panel discussion moderated by Kevin Williams (JePPIX) and Roel Baets (ePIXfab).


22nd June 2020

From 3 pm to 5 pm (CEST)

Practical information


22 June
15PM - 17PM


Held online

A co-event of ECIO 2020


There is no fee to participate. Registration is mandatory.

Organizers protect the right to allow your participation at the event



Dr. Michael Hochberg - CTO, Elenion Technologies (USA)


Prof. Mike Wale - TU/e (the Netherlands) & Uni. College London (UK)


Dr. Pieter Dumon - CTO, Luceda Photonics (Belgium)


Nazanin Shafiee - Business Development Manager at SMART Photonics (the Netherlands)


Francisco Rodrigues - CEO at PIC Advanced (Portugal)


Kavitha Buddharaju - Director at Advanced Micro Foundry (Singapore)


Romano Hoofman - General Manager at Europractice IC (Belgium)


Prof. Roel Baets - Chair of ePIXfab and Professor at Ghent University – imec (Belgium)


Prof. Kevin Williams - Chair of JePPIX and Professor at Technical University of Eindhoven (the Netherlands)