Companies are harvesting at an accelerated pace from the tremendous technological maturity demonstrated by silicon photonic technology. Mass manufactured silicon photonics products developed at low-cost using CMOS process toolsets are hitting market sectors such as optical communication, Lidar, sensing and medical. Silicon photonics is a young technology which is evolving at an incredible pace. Hence, there is a continuous requirement to educate, train and update the industrial workforce – R&D staff and management – about the latest developments in this dynamic field. China-Europe International Silicon Photonics Symposium and Course brings along industrial and academic technology leaders from the leading eco-systems in the world to bring a full spectrum of perspective about silicon photonics technology and its applications. The symposium will focus on perspectives with respect to the potential of silicon photonics in various application domains. The course will focus on deeper understanding of the technological and device concepts as well as on the scientific state of the art in this field.


28 - 30  May 2020

Course Starts at 1.30 pm and ends at 8.30 pm

Symosium starts at 9.00 am and ends at 5.30 pm

(All times are China Standard Time)

Practical information

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Note: The lectureres will be delivered via a live-stream. The participants can choose to join either online or at the CUMEC facilities.

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Note: The afternoon keynote will be delivered via a live-stream. The symposium will be held in Chongqing.

You can choose to attend the course only, symposium only or both

You can join the events either by physical presence at the event venue or online by joining the video stream of the event

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Practical information


28 May
13PM - 13PM


Course will be held at CUMEC facilities in Chongqing

Symposium will be announced soon

Online Participation is also possible


Early Bird Registration Rates (valid till 1st of May 2020)

Course only: 110 Euro or 880 CNY (RMB)

Symposium only: 80 Euro or 640 CNY (RMB)

All three days: 170 Euro or 1360 CNY (RMB)

After the 1st of May, all rates will increase by 10% by considering exchange rate of 1 euro = 8 CNY.  Course, Symposium or both will be charged 120, 90 and 190, respectively.

Last date to register: 21st May 2020

Fee Payment:

Participants from countries other than China will be contacted with more information about the fee payment.

For participants from China:


Company name:TaiZhou WeiMing technology consulting Co. Ltd

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地址: 中国江苏省泰州市海陵区九龙镇姚家路22号4楼4026室

Address: JiangSu Province TaiZhou City HaiLing District JiuLong Zhen, YaoJia Road No. 22, 4th floor room No.4026, China

开户行Bank: 中国银行泰州分行 Bank of China Taizhou Branch

账号 Bank account No.: 491073168400

Incase of difficulties in registering, contact: Dr. Abdul Rahim ( or Dr. Yinghao Wang (



Prof. Roel Baets, Ghent University – imec, Belgium


Dr. Wei-Ping Huang Chief Scientist HiSense Group, China


Dr. Xi Xiao CEO National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, China


Dr. Steve Beckers Vice President imec, Belgium


Prof. Jose Capmany Founder of iPronics Professor of Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain


Prof. Peter O’ Brien Director, PIXAPP Professor of Tyndall National Institute, Ireland


Dr. Jin Guo Vice President CUMEC, China