The very first ICOS Workshop will be held on April 26th to 28th in Grenoble to gather an overview of the strategies of different leading countries in the field of semiconductors, of European and International roadmaps, and conduct an initial analysis of the gaps between EU activities and the most promising technologies highlighted in Roadmaps for possible future international collaborations – collaborations to be strengthened or to be proposed on topics of mutual interests.


Practical information
  • Free Workshop but registrations mandatory by April 20.
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Practical information


26-28 April
07AM - 17PM


The event will take place at the UFR PhiTEM – Bâtiment GreEnER, 21, rue des Martyrs, 38000 Grenoble – France




Eric Olivier Pallu – Policy Adviser in the “EIC Board, Strategy and Feedback to Policy” Unit at the European Innovation Council (EIC) and SME Executive Agency of the European Commission

EIC Programme


Isabel OBIETA– EIC Programme Manager for Responsible Electronics

EIC Responsible Electronics programme



How to get help on your way to the EIC Accelerator


Gilles Hamou, CEO and Co-founder

Success stories of a few startups


Marco CECCARELLI – European Commission/DG Connect

EU Chips Act


Dr. Paolo A. Gargini– IEEE Life-Fellow, JSAP Fellow and Chairman IRDS

Chips Acts and IRDS building pillars and bridges over valleys of death


Dr. Leo T KENNY – IRDS ESH/S IFT Chair and Research Professor at the Center for High Technology Materials at the University of New Mexico

The IRDS Environmental, Safety, Health and Sustainability (ESH/S) Roadmap: initiative update


Stéphane MONFRAY – Senior Principal Engineer, Disruptive Technologies Expert / Technology Development Platform at STMicroelectronics Crolles

What future for the semiconductor industry in the age of climate change? Evolution and diversification of semiconductor technologies


Dr. Mathilde BILLAUD – Research Fellow, Fraunhofer IZM

Key IC data for an accurate life cycle assessment of ICT devices


Cédric ROLIN – Manager for the Sustainable Semiconductor Technologies and Systems (SSTS) Program, imec

Assessing the environmental impact of integrated circuit chip manufacturing 


Thomas ERNST – Scientific Director, CEA-Leti

Sustainable ICT assessment, adoption and strategy


Thibault PIRSON – PhD researcher in the Electronic Circuits and Systems (ICTEAM/ECS) group at UC Louvain, Belgium

Can we cope with the massive production of integrated circuits (ICs) within environmental limits? 


Patrick PYPE – Director of Strategic Partnerships, NXP Semiconductors

How innovation leads to a better, safer, more secure and sustainable world?


Attila GÉCZY – associate professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME-VIK)

Sustainable printed circuits: a possible path to greener electronics


Dr. Dmitri PETROVYKH – Corporate Expert, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)

Building Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design Community in Electronics


Enrico Sangiorgi – Director Emeritus SiNANO Institute – IRDS More than Moore Team leader

The More than More domain in the IRDS: white paper and future perspectives


Matthias ILLING – Program Manager Collaborative R&D, Bosch

Innovation in MEMS for the IoT and our digital life


Dr. Cosmin ROMAN – Senior Assistant at ETH Zürich

Low power transducers for the IoT


Alan O’RIORDAN – Senior Research Fellow Tyndall

Sensors for Agriculture & the Environment


Dr. Markus PFEFFER – Senior Manager Quality and Process Control / Funded R&D at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB

SiC VDMOS Technology evolution as an example for sustainable and efficient energy conversion


Mikael ÖSTLING – Professor, solid state electronics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

Wide Bandgap Power Devices for a Sustainable Future


Konrad SEIDEL – Manager of the “Emerging Memories” group, Fraunhofer IPMS, Center Nanoelectronic Technologies

Ferroelectric memories – Enabler for novel computing architectures


Prof. Jouni AHOPELTO – Chair of Nanoelectronics, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

On and Beyond CMOS


Qing-tai ZHAO – Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ)

Gate all around nanowire FETs: Operation from RT to Cryogenic temperatures


Andreas HEMMETTER – Ph. D, AMO/ RWTH Aachen University

Flexible electronics with 2D materials


An CHEN – IRDS Beyond CMOS Team leader

IRDS Beyond CMOS Presentation


Dr. Scott HOLMES – IRDS Cryogenic Electronic and Quantum Information Processing Team leader

IRDS technology roadmaps for Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Information Processing (CEQIP)


Maud VINET – Physicist, Co-founder of Siquance

The path to large scale quantum computing based on CMOS technology


Dr. Johanna SEPÚLVEDA – Chief Engineer, Airbus

The European Quantum Strategic Industry Roadmap by QuIC


Hisashi KANAZASHI, Director of IT Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Japan's Semiconductor Strategy


Colette Maloney, Head of Unit, EC/DG Connect

EC presentation


Professor Makoto IKEDA, Tokyo University

AI Chip Design Center (AIDC), SoC design platform for small industries and startups in Japan


Carlo REITA, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Planning in the CTO Office, CEA-Leti

The EU Test and Experimentation Facility for Hardware Edge AI, PREVAIL, as a platform for development of new solutions


Takashi YASUMASU, Vice President, Automotive Core Technology Development Division, Automotive Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corp

Megatrends in the autmotive industry and RENESAS' value proposition


Matthias ILLING, Program Manager Collaborative R&D BOSCH

Trends in semiconductors for mobility


Francis Balestra, ICOS coordinator

ICOS (International Cooperation On Semiconductors) presentation on past and existing cooperation in research between EU-JP


Mustafa BADAROGLU – IRDS More Moore Team leader

IRDS More Moore Roadmap for edge and cloud computing


Roberto GONELLA – R&D Director, Digital/ NonVolatile/Analog RF Technologies Development at STMicroelectronics

Augmented FDSOI platforms for improved sustainability


AnabelaVELOSO – Imec

Nanosheet-based Device Architectures for Enabling Advanced CMOS Logic Scaling


Sébastien LOUBRIAT – Technology Leader of FDSOI products, SOITEC

FDSOI engineered substrates for advanced computing


Dr. Abdul RAHIM – Program manager, ePIXfab – the European silicon photonics alliance

Silicon Photonics: Current state, trends, and future evolution


Stephan SUCKOW – Nanophotonics group leader, AMO GmbH

Neuromorphic Computing - At the intersection between Electronics and Photonics


Frédéric Boeuf– STMicroelectronics

Silicon photonics and applications