Silicon photonics (SiPh) is a key photonic integration technology. The evolution pace of silicon photonics technology is tremendous. Industries developing SiPh-based solutions have to continuously train their workforce to equip them with the latest trends and developments.

This 3-day training course provides industry, especially those involved in PIC-based product development, with the basic technical skills in ideating, designing, fabricating, and testing SiPh PICs. The course covers various forms of SiPh such as thin SOI, thick SOI, LPCVD SiN, PECVD SiN, and Ge- on-Si along with the deployment of these technologies into application domains such as communications, medical, sensors, quantum, environmental, computing, etc.

The training will be organized by ePIXfab (hosted by UGent) with the support of its members that are partners in PhotonHub Europe project. The support provided by ePIXfab members will make the course cohesive and inclusive to all forms and brands of SiPh technologies – that is the biggest value proposition of the proposed course and makes it unique in the European landscape.

The training will provide hands-on training with respect to:

  • determining the right SiPh technology platform & design environment for a given application
  • designing a SiPh chip and associated key fabrication steps
  • developing test-beds and testing of SiPh PICs for various applications.
Practical information


  • 10 persons

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Practical information


01 October
13PM - 13PM


iGent Tower,  Technology Park Zwijnaarde 126,  9052, Ghent (Belgium)


900 Euro

(including lunch catering, handouts)