Silicon photonic integrated circuits have allowed for incredible advances in a number of fields, including LiDAR, signal processing, sensors, and data transmission, in part due to the manufacturability of CMOS compatible processes. However, silicon is a poor light emitter, and the integration of compound semiconductor lasers with silicon photonics remains a common challenge.

The SiEPICfab-ePIXfab Workshop on Laser Integration in Silicon Photonics brings together experts in various fields to discuss the most promising approaches of laser integration and the applications that will be enabled by this capability. Participation in experimental MPWs using two of these approaches (transfer printing and photonic wire bonding) will be offered as an option in this workshop


Dates: November 15 to November 18, 2021: 5 PM (CET) / 8 AM (PST) and will end at 7 PM (CET) / 10 AM (PST)

Practical information

The experimental MPW is for scientific evaluation and it will provide a low TRL implementation of laser integration with silicon photonics chips.

Practical information


15-18 November
17PM - 19PM


Early Bird Registration Rates (valid till 10.10.2021)

  • 180 Euros for the industry.
  • 90 Euros for academia.

ePIXfab and SiEPICfab members get a 20% discount.

All rates will increase by 10% after 10.10.2021. All rates exclude MPW participation costs.

In case of difficulties in registering, contact: Dr. Abdul Rahim ( or Mr. Steven Gou (



Prof. John Bowers

University of California Santa Barbara, USA


Dr. Douwe Geuzebroek

LioniX International, the Netherlands


Dr.Thomas Liljeberg



Prof. Gunther Roelkens

Ghent University – imec, Belgium


Prof. Christian Koos Karlsruhe

Institute of Technology, Germany


Dr. Gordon Keeler



Dr. Aaron Zilkie

Rockley Photonics, UK/USA


Dr. Edward Preisler

Tower Semiconductor, USA


Dr. Amir Ali Tavallaee

SiLC Technologies, Inc, USA


Prof. Lukas Chrostowski

University of British Columbia, Canada


Dr. Shinji Matsuo

NTT, Japan


Dr. Torrey Thiessen

SCINTIL Photonics/ University of Toronto, Canada