This school aims at introducing students and post-docs with an optics background to the concepts of integrated quantum photonics. We will start from the general concepts of quantum optics, quantum information, quantum simulation and computing and we will move to the main building blocks of an integrated photonic quantum circuits (single photon sources, entangled photon sources, single photon detectors,  linear optical devices, quantum interference devices, and materials and processing to manufacture integrated quantum devices). Then we will discuss integrated quantum circuits and their applications in security, communication, computing, sensing-measurements and quantum key distribution. The lectures will be presented by the main scientists who have pioneered this photonic technology.

In addition to standard classes, laboratory sessions will be organized to facilitate the development of a proper design of integrated circuits on the student request. Rump evening sessions on hot topics in the field will be organized to facilitate discussions among students and lecturers. Since this is a residential school, both the students and the lecturers will reside in the same place which will make easy discussions in an informal venue or on the ski fields.



Mario Agio – University of Siegen, Germany
  Nanophotonics and electronics for bright single-photon sources based on color centers in diamond

Martin Booth - University of Oxford, UK
  3D Dynamic Laser Processing for Photonic Circuits in Diamond, Glass and Other Materials

Massimo Borghi - University of Trento, Italy
 Design, simulation, and challenges in the realization of Silicon On Insulator quantum integrated circuits

Gianluca Boso -  ID Quantique, Switzerland
Quantum key distribution 

Tommaso Calarco - Ulm University, Germany
  Quantum information processing and quantum control

Iacopo Carusotto - INO-CNR BEC Center, Italy
  Quantum Optics: from basic concepts to present challenges

Jonathan Finley - Walter Schottky Institut - Technische Universität München, Germany
Semiconductor Nanostructures for Quantum Information Technologies

Andrea Fiore - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands 
Single-photon detectors for integrated quantum photonics

Florian Kaiser - Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
  Quantum optical measurement methods for advanced determination of material properties

Gerd Leuchs - Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany 
From Maxwell's equations to quantum optics and particle physics

Marco Liscidini - University of Pavia, Italy  
Generation of non-classical states of light via parametric fluorescence in integrated devices

Jonathan Matthews - Centre for Quantum Photonics – University of Bristol, UK 
Sub shot noise parameter estimation with single photons

Georg Pucker - Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy
  Introduction to silicon microfabrication technology in the context of silicon photonics and quantum optical circuits

Roberta Ramponi - IFN-CNR - Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Femtosecond laser micromachining: an enabling tool for quantum technologies

Fabio Sciarrino - Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  Boson Sampling with integrated photonics

David Stoppa - Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy
  Single-Photon CMOS Sensors for Quantum Technology Applications 

Peter G.R. Smith - University of Southampton, UK
  Fabrication of silica on silicon and periodically poled nonlinear devices for quantum technologies

Philip Walther - University of Vienna, Austria
   Photonic Quantum Technology, Advantages of Photonic Quantum Computing, Photonic Quantum Simulation

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School Directors

Roberta Ramponi
IFN-CNR and Politecnico di Milano - Department of Physics
Milano Italy

Lorenzo Pavesi
Department of Physics
University of Trento- Italy


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26-01 April
11AM - 11AM



Folgaria, Trento – Italy at  Alpen Hotel Eghel

The soul of Alpen Hotel Eghel is deeply mountain like, and dressed of elegance and sophistication: a perfect synergy of tradition and modernity.
Located on the gentle Trention’s mountains, in Costa a little fraction of Folgaria, a wide open green upland, relaxing and only 1km away from the town center.
It’s position is ideal: in winter you will be close to the slopes (only 500 mt away) and it is a perfect starting point for a regenerating walk in the woods and fields…  SPA will do the rest.

How to reach the Hotel

You can reach Folgaria by car from A22 - Brennero HIGHWAY (Exit: Rovereto Nord) take SS12 to Calliano and then follow direction to Folgaria
Look at the map 

Trenitalia (Brennero-Verona line) exit station: Rovereto.  20 mt walk from the railway station there is a bus service to Folgaria, exit "Costa stop"  see time table

The nearest airport is Verona Villafranca, 90Km away. Motorway bus services connect the airport with the near Verona railway station (10 minutes), so that you can get direct trains to Rovereto. The other airport is Marco Polo at Venice, 115 km away. 



The organizing committee will take care of  the booking at the Alpen Hotel Eghel
During the registration procedure  you will be asked  to provide us with the following information:

arrival and departure date

type of  the room (double, triple)

name of the person you would like to share the room with (optional).


Price per person per day (full board)

  • Double room:   € 60,00
  • Triple room:     € 58,00