ePIXfab – the European Silicon Photonics Alliance (https://epixfab.eu) is collaborating with the China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) to organize a 3-hour forum on Open-access silicon photonics fabrication platforms. The forum will take place on September 16, 2021, at the 23rd CIOE in Shenzhen. The forum will provide updates on the recent trends, current state-of-the-art, and upcoming developments in open-access silicon photonics technologies. Silicon photonics is a high-index contrast photonic IC technology that leverages the CMOS processing toolsets for the manufacturing of complex photonic functions on highly miniaturized chips at low cost irrespective of the manufacturing volume. The open-access silicon photonics technologies have a high technology readiness level. The open-access technologies act as a mature breeding platform for the next generation of innovations by fabless companies. The low barriers to access along with fast turnaround times enable fabless companies to do their new product development in an agile manner. A technology that was primarily driven by optical communication at short and long reach has started enabling cutting-edge solutions for sensing, medical diagnostics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, etc. Open-access silicon photonics technology is evolving at a rapid pace with new features. The forum is targeting strategic and technical decision-makers from the industry as well as their R&D staff to bring them on board with the latest developments in the arena of open-access silicon photonics technologies. Preliminary speakers: The forum will include speakers from CUMEC, IMEC, Luceda Photonics, Zhejiang University and others.


Practical information


16 September
13PM - 13PM




Vincent Zhong -Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Manager,IMEC


Ruping Cao- General Manager at Luceda China


Junbo Feng- Director of Silicon Photonics Center of CUMEC


Robert Wu -Business Development Manager, PHIX


Tao Chu -Professor at Zhejiang University


Roel Baets -Professor at Ghent University


Kevin SHEN -General Manager at LIGENTEC / XPHOTONICS


Meng ZHANG- Field Application Manager, Soitec


Zhihua Li- Researcher, IMECAS