Companies are harvesting at an accelerated pace from the tremendous technological maturity demonstrated by silicon photonic technology. Mass manufactured silicon photonics products developed at low-cost using CMOS process toolsets are hitting market sectors such as optical communication, Lidar, sensing and medical. Silicon photonics is a young technology which is evolving at an incredible pace. Hence, there is a continuous requirement to educate, train and update the industrial workforce – R&D staff and management – about the latest developments in this dynamic field. China-Europe International Silicon Photonics Symposium and Course brings along industrial and academic technology leaders from the leading eco-systems in the world to bring a full spectrum of perspective about silicon photonics technology and its applications. The symposium will focus on perspectives with respect to the potential of silicon photonics in various application domains. The course will focus on deeper understanding of the technological and device concepts as well as on the scientific state of the art in this field.

Practical information

Target Audience

  • Strategic and technical decision makers from industry as well as their R&D staff
  • Academic researchers with an ambition to move forward the state-of-the-art in silicon photonics or in applications enabled by silicon photonics

Practical information


24-26 October
14PM - 14PM


Dalian, China

  • 24th-25th August course only: 110 Euro or 800 CNY (RMB)
  • 26th August symposium only: 80 Euro or 600 CNY (RMB)
  • 24th-26th August all three days: 170 Euro or 1280 CNY (RMB)

Prof. Roel Baets - Ghent University - imec, Belgium


Prof. Graham Reed - Cornerstone, UK


Dr. Jin Guo - CUMEC, China


Dr. Philippe Absil - imec, Belgium


Dr. Martin Fiers - Luceda Photonics, Belgium


Dr. Abdul Rahim - ePIXfab - Ghent University, Belgium


Prof. Mingshan Zhao - Dalian University, China


Dr. Stefan Meister - Sicoya, Germany


Prof. Tao Chu - Zhejiang University, China


Prof. Xingjun Wang - Peking University, China


Dr. Junbo Feng - CUMEC, China


Prof. Liu Liu - South China Normal University, China